Lincoln Centre

Lincoln Centre

From the Foster City Historical Society Archives is this 1982 advertisement for Lincoln Center Centre.

Lincoln Centre 1982 Watercolor

Lincoln Property Company is a large developer and has been doing buisness in Foster City for decades.

center vs centre american english
Use over time of Center vs Centre; source:

Note the spelling! Often miss-spelled when discussed in town it was/is called Lincoln “Centre” which is traditionally a UK way to spell the word. Lincoln Center is obviously a well known location in New York City.

Today Lincoln Centre is a 20 acre campus with 555,000sf of Biomed Lab (70%) & Office Space (30%) up to 7 stories, 40,000sf of a 2 story amenity building and associated parking structures. The campus is home to the company Illumina in Foster City and a third building C is proceeding through the process this year.

Lincoln Centre 2010’s Rendering

Today the new building C is moving forward through the process to complete out much of the campus and the waterfront areas. See more current info from Foster City here:

See more current info from BioMed Realty here: