Newcomers & the Welcome Wagon

Newcomers & the Welcome Wagon

As Foster City formed there were groups that developed to introduce people to the community and welcome them to Foster City. There was the original newspaper/newsletter the “Welcome Wagon” that would let people know about their new neighbors, local business, and happenings. It would say for example Jon and Jane Doe moved in to XYZ Street. It would let the community about who they are, where they work, do they have kids. But everyone had a local person to say hello and welcome you to the community.

The Newcomers Recipe Book

The newcomers group would have luncheons and people were invited to attend. They even published a recipe book.

The Letter that Jack T Foster Jr would send people as part of the Welcome Wagon

The Foster’s would send everyone a letter welcoming them to the city and introducing them to the community.

The Newcomers Club Introduction

Along with a letter everyone got two hostesses who would introduce you to the city. Everyone who came to Foster City had someone to contact and ask questions. An initial friend and contact in the community.