Greetings from the Island!

Greetings from the Island!

From our archives we present this postcard that went out to Foster City residents to promote San Mateo’s Fashion Island Mall. What makes this photo unique are some of the smaller details seen in the aerial photo. Metro Tower was completed in 1986 so this photo had to be the early to mid 1980’s.

Greetings from The Island!

Today called Bridgepointe, the area once housed a mall with amenities like the ice rink where Kristi Yamaguchi learned to skate, a movie theater, and a Tilt! arcade.
Here is approximately the same view via Google Earth in 2022


You can see Metro Tower under construction with what we believe might be City Homes East under construction.
You can see the green sports fields where Fosters Landing Apartments sit today
This was the back side of the card calling out “Mabuhay!” a Filipino greeting and the intent of the project along with the developer Terranoamics in San Francisco. Even whenever this was printed, which had to be during the construction of Metro Tower
Today it appears Terranomics is based out of Burlingame and here is a linkedin for someone at the firm Mike Costa